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Re: [Condor-users] group <none> appeared after upgrade from 7.4.3 to 7.6.2

Joe--were there running jobs in the queue when you did the upgrade?
Sometimes condor can get confused particularly when the negotiator
is starting from scratch, but sooner or later it all sorts out.
In particular I have seen things that were submitted with a group
quota show up as being not part of the group for a while, and that
condition persists until those jobs have left the queue.
However, I have never seen a group <none> so this could be something new.


On Tue, 18 Oct 2011, Joe Boyd wrote:

We have groups with dynamic quotas.

Not all jobs are submitted with an accounting group.

Attached is the NegotiatorLog for one cycle with fulldebug turned on.

In the attached log, group group_ntp has a quota of 843.433 with a usage of 679. Group group_highprio is also under quota. When we were running 7.4, I would see that free slots would go to those groups first, and then any slots left over would get used by the jobs that weren't submitted with a group that had a quota.

If you search for the first "Matched" line what you'll see is that the jobs that were submitted without a group are now apparently in the group "<none>" and that group actually has a quota somehow (the group doesn't actually exist so it certainly doesn't have a quota). Jobs for that "group" get run in front of the groups that haven't filled their quota.

I do have these two things set now.


Am I misunderstanding how this is all supposed to work? I believe the behavior is different from 7.4 and I certainly can't find a group "<none>" in my old log files.

Thanks for any info,


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