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[Condor-users] submit_dag + Windows + run_as_owner breaks (on 7.2.5)

I’m still running Condor 7.2.5 everywhere in my Windows pool, but I see nothing in the rev history from 7.6 down to 7.4.0 that looks relevant.
I rewrote a job submission to use a dag, instead of queuing a bunch of jobs myself.
Didn’t get the behavior I wanted the first time, so I added an -append "run_as_owner = true" to the submission.
Then things got a lot worse; the dag itself never started.  I dug through log files, and found:
9/8 17:36:55 -------- Begin starting jobs --------
9/8 17:36:55 The Requirements attribute for job 445.0 did not evaluate. Unable to start job
9/8 17:36:55 Failed _expression_ 'Requirements = (Arch == "INTEL") && (OpSys == "WINNT61") && (Disk >= DiskUsage) && ((Memory * 1024) >= ImageSize) && (HasWindowsRunAsOwner && (LocalCredd =?= "mylocalcredd"))'
9/8 17:36:55 -------- Done starting jobs --------
Now, “did not evaluate” looks much more serious than “it came back false”; I read that to say it couldn’t make sense of the _expression_ at all.
The dag never starts, my jobs within the dag never get submitted, and I shut everything down.
So I try again without the –append “run_as_owner = true”, and it once again runs.
The requirements _expression_ for that dag came back as
Requirements = (Arch == "INTEL") && (OpSys == "WINNT61") && (Disk >= DiskUsage) && ((Memory * 1024) >= ImageSize)
I conclude the difference is where things break, so it’s in (HasWindowsRunAsOwner && (LocalCredd =?= "mylocalcredd")) somewhere.
Thing is, I can look at the classad for the submitting workstation, and both HasWindowsRunAsOwner and LocalCredd are defined – in fact, both those should evaluate true.
So I’m a little baffled.  Why won’t my dag run with run_as_owner set?