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[Condor-users] Failed to send updated X509 proxy to starter

I have a condor 7.4.4 / glideinWMS 2.5.2 installation that uses x509 proxies to authenticate between shadow processes on my schedd node and starter/startd processes on my worker nodes. The user proxies are good for 12 hours and refreshed every 2 hours. By default when a proxy is refreshed the schedd notices and updates the proxy on the worker node, but this update is failing for some reason. When we noticed this we set the shadow log to D_FULL_DEBUG and now see error messages like so :

09/27 12:36:21 (163905.0) (29124): put_file: going to send from filename /local/scratch25/dbox/grid/dbox.proxy
09/27 12:36:21 (163905.0) (29124): put_file: Found file size 6826
09/27 12:36:21 (163905.0) (29124): put_file: sending 6826 bytes
09/27 12:36:21 (163905.0) (29124): ReliSock: put_file: sent 6826 bytes
09/27 12:36:21 (163905.0) (29124): Failed to send updated X509 proxy to starter.
09/27 12:37:21 (163905.0) (29124): Proxy timestamps: remote estimated 1317144959, local 1317144959 (0 difference)

I googled this error message and didn't find much that looked useful. What are some good things to check to debug this?