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[Condor-users] Fair Resource Allocation question

As a new user, I would like to understand how Condor will handle my expected allocation scenarios below.

1. There are 4 users, A, B, C, D.
2. Each user owns 50 machines and they all agree to pool them together into a 200 machine condor pool.
3. For simplicity, all machines are the same and all jobs have the same requirements all the time, and all users have the same User priority.
4. Assume also that preemption is disabled.
5. case #1: All 4 users, submit exactly N jobs each (where N is lower or equal to 50). The expected behavior after the first negotiation cycle, is that each user will get exactly N machines (1 per job).
6. case #2: All 4 users, submit exactly M jobs each (where M > 50). The expected behavior after the first negotiation cycle, is that each user will get 50 machines (1 per job), and will still have (M-50) jobs pending in the queue.

In both cases above, I'm interested in the results of the first negotiation cycle, before which all resources are free.
If I understood correctly,  from section 3.4.5 (Negotiation) of the Condor version 7.8.1 manual, then the negotiation algorithm will attempt to fulfill the first submitter's full job list, prior to skipping to the next submitter and getting its job list. So in my case#2 above, user A (if it's the first submitter) will get M machines allocated, leaving either B,C or D with less than 50 machines, as I expect.

Only the next manual section, 3.4.6 (Pie Spin and Pie Slice), the term Pie Slice (number of machines each user could get, based on the actual available resources) is defined.

So to summarize my questions are:
1. Will my expected behavior for both case #1 and case#2 above, indeed occur, under my  assumptions ?
2. How does setting Hierarchical Group Quotas (as in section 3.4.8), affect the negotiation flow ? does it change the Pie Slice value ?


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