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[HTCondor-users] Problems with credentials

Hello there, we are from a Brazilian university and we have getting some problems setting up our environment.

For now, all of our execution nodes will be running on Windows, and we need them to run as a specific user and not the temporary one created by condor during execution.

We were able to set a Windows central manager with condor_credd running and with little trouble make it work like we wanted.

But, soon after, we were asked to set the central manager in a Ubuntu 12.10 machine, and if possible without condor_credd running separately in Windows. The manual say that credentials could still be used by condor_schedd if condor_credd was not running, so we tried that.

We believe to have configured the central manager correctly, as we can submit jobs to the Windows nodes and they run, altought as the temporary user created by condor.

We tried to follow the instructions in this two pages of the manual but without luck:


We found a few other guides trying to set up similar environments, but we keep getting errors, and trying workarounds to resolve them. As for now our problem is saving the credentials in the central manager, we used "condor_store_cred -f" to create the file, the "add -c" to set the pool password, but we can't add any other credentials.

In the end, it's kinda messed up and complicated. So, we are asking help to configure it correctly.