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Re: [HTCondor-users] installation of HTCondor

If you’re new at HTCondor then you shouldn’t start out with condor 7.4.4, although it was a good version for a long time there are now some known security holes which are only patched in the 7.6 series and greater.  If you go to the htcondor page you can see binaries that are compiled for redhat/centos/scientific linux 6.3 for htcondor 7.8.6.  You have your choice of tarball or rpm.


Steve Timm



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Hi I'm new at htcondor. I'm using centos 6.3 version.

Does htcondor 7.4.4 is compatible with this version of redhat.

Because I'm having an issues in installation about hostname.


Plz help me out through this..