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[HTCondor-users] PoVB modifications

Hi we are trying to deploy PoVB to the classroom machines and we are trying to modify the povbprimary_hd.vdi.
We want to modify the /etc/hosts file so that we can submit jobs via gLite/EMI to the PoVB Condor pool. This needs
To be done because our internal DNS server does not support reverse DNS look up which is required for the GSI tools.

We have tried modifying the .vdi image before installing PoVB and the changes were overridden when the service restarted.
We have also tried modifying the executable scripts in /povb/sbin but the changes were overridden again when the service was restarted.
We have also modified the .vdi image after installation and the same results

 It is been tested by submitting a job to the Condor pool that simply `cat /etc/hosts`

We are using the povb 2.0.1 64-bit

Does anyone know how to modify PoVB so that it keeps the changes?

David Gubb
System Administrator
University of Huddersfield


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