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Re: [Condor-users] kbbd issues

A question, which version of Condor are you using?  There was a
problem with the kbdd in earlier versions wherein after a suspend, the
kbdd would not update the address of the startd it is supposed to
communicate with, and thus all keyboard/mouse updates would get lost.
This was fixed sometime after Condor Week last year after Ian from
Cycle brought it to our attention.


On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 10:55 AM, Eric Abel <Eric.Abel@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Fellow Condor users,
> I recently have encountered an issue with kbbd.  I have a windows pool, with
> a mixture of windows7 and XP workstations.  Recently, one of the windows7
> machines ceased to kill jobs when the user logged on.  Looking deeper into
> the problem, I discovered that the issue surfaced when a user would log in,
> then leave the computer for a period of time.  The conditions for job
> acceptance were met (per UWCS_START), and jobs started.  Upon trying to
> resume his session (note he never logged out), the jobs continued to run,
> utilizing 100% of his CPU.  I looked into it, and saw that there was no kbbd
> associated with his username (although a SYSTEM kbbd was running).  I then
> logged in, using the “switch user” feature, and this spawned a kbbd under my
> username.  This kbbd sensed my presence and took appropriate action with the
> running jobs.  We then logged out of my session, returned to the other
> user’s session…still no kbbd associated with his name.  We then logged him
> out, then back in again, and now there was a kbbd associated with his
> username.  So it seems that kbbd is terminating for some reason, and not
> being restarted upon session resume, only for the start of a new session.  I
> should point out that both user accounts are administrators on this
> machine.  I should also point out that the system has been working fine for
> about 6 months, and this only surface after the last round of windows
> updates.  I checked the kbbd log and found nothing out of the ordinary.
> Has anybody encountered this before?  Any suggestions?
> Thanks in advance,
> Eric
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