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[Condor-users] condor_credd issues

Fellow Condor users,

I have been wrestling with what appears to be a condor_credd problem for about 2 days now.  I have a windows pool of about 160 cpus, and it has been working more or less problem free for about a 9 months.  Our IT polity is to change domain passwords every quarter, and in the past I have done this without any trouble.  However, this most recent time, after resetting my password, I could no longer submit jobs (no password stored for user error on schedd machine).  When I try

condor_store_cred add

I get the error:

Operation failed.  Make sure your ALLOW_WRITE setting includes this host. 

This is not a new problem, and I have followed all of the suggestions from previous posts multiple times.  In my case, nothing I do will allow me to set the password, and furthermore, I cannot set it on any machine in the pool, including the central host and credd host.  This problem is confounded further by the fact that when I run condor_status, I only see the central host listed (different issue, but simultaneity of occurrence makes me think both problems have same root cause?).  Anyway, I have spent a long time combing log files and editing config files only to get the same result over and over again.  I am running condor 7.6.6 on central host, credd host, and schedd host, and the execute nodes are a mixture of 7.6.1-7.6.6 installations.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.