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[Condor-users] Machine classAd

Hi all,

  I have a condor pool consisting of 4 nodes. I have added custom attributes to the machine classAd. To do this, I have added the job name in the local configuration file : STARTD_CRON_JOBLIST
  ( output of which is added in the machine classAd)

  This job is run periodically on the machine every 1 min. STARTD_CRON_<job_name>_PERIOD = 1m. (STARTD_CRON_<job_name>__MODE = Periodic)
  The default interval (UPDATE_INTERVAL) when the machine sends its classAd update to the condor_collector is 5m (300 s).

  In this scenario, where are the intermediate updates of the custom cron job ? Does it overwrite every 1 min. on the local machine classAd and then every 5 min. send the latest one to the condor_collector ?
  Does local machine have a copy of machine classAd anywhere ?

Thanks & Regards,