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[Condor-users] Condor 7.6 - Parallel Universe on Windows - PATH messed up with wrong "slash"

I recently noticed a problem when I tried to submit a job using the
"Parallel" universe on Windows. I know that Condor modifies the PATH
variable for the executing job but for the job submitted to the
"parallel" universe it does that in a different way than it does for
the "Vanilla" universe. When I submit a job to the vanilla universe I
see the following path on the execution machine:


But when I submit it to the "parallel" universe I get:


I don't know why Condor adds "C:\condor/bin" or where it takes this
string from but that definitely messes up the PATH. If you try to
access tools located in C:\Windows\system32 you will notice that they
are no longer found. The "/" in the PATH seems to confuse Windows. I'm
using a USER_JOB_WRAPPER and just overwrite the broken PATH there as a
workaround but would be nice if this could be fixed.