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Re: [Condor-users] Failed to evaluate NEGOTIATOR_POST_JOB_RANK expression to a float.

On Jul 4, 2012, at 8:55 AM, kschwarz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

The default setting for NEGOTIATOR_POST_JOB_RANK in the condor_config file:

 (RemoteOwner =?= UNDEFINED) * (KFlops - SlotID - 1.0e10*(Offline=?=True))

gives the error message:

Failed to evaluate NEGOTIATOR_POST_JOB_RANK _expression_ to a float.

in the NegotiatorLog file.

I have tried some changes without success:

UWCS_NEGOTIATOR_POST_JOB_RANK = (RemoteOwner =?= UNDEFINED) * (KFlops - SlotID - 10000000000.0*(Offline=?=True))
UWCS_NEGOTIATOR_POST_JOB_RANK = (RemoteOwner =?= UNDEFINED) * (KFlops - SlotID - (Offline=?=True))

When I remove the Offline portion of the _expression_, the messages are gone.


Any clue? What could be done to fix this? Is it a bug in Condor?

The _expression_ should be fine. One thing to try is using the _expression_ with condor_status -format, like so:

condor_status -format '%v\n' '(RemoteOwner =?= UNDEFINED) * (KFlops - SlotID - 10000000000.0*(Offline=?=True))'

Then check the output for any lines that don't look like floating-point numbers.

Thanks and regards,
Jaime Frey
UW-Madison Condor Team