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Re: [Condor-users] What is meant by a "Pool"?

>> What exactly is  "pool"?
>> A group of machines and their associated Central Manager?


Thanks! That makes it clear. I hope a definition is included in the Condor manual (if it is not already there)
Also, an architecture diagram in the manual would definitely help a fresh man.
Like: How condor runs on all machines, one machine is the central manager.......
         And typical work flow when a vanilla job is submitted..... like - which daemon queues it, who allocates it, etc..
         A workflow picture would greatly help.

> You can federate multiple Condor pools together via various mechanisms, 
> the most straight-forward is via "Flocking". 

Thanks!  That looks like a cool feature.
I was considering Flocking for my MPI jobs... 
but then all the Condor pools must use the same dedicated scheduler to avoid deadlocks.
That would look like a cross-pool setup.. 
Thanks to Greg for helping me understand this issue.

Can dedicated scheduler of a condor pool, live outside the actual condor pool?
I have not yet tried it.
I just want to know your advice too on this. Greg had said that this can be tricky.

Btw, Condor is just amazing... It looks like it has almost all the features...
The Cold Start thing was a real surprise to all of us. It just fit our requirements,

Thanks for all the great work you guys are doing at "wisc",

Best Regards,


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