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[Condor-users] Standard Universe Jobs - File Permission Errors

We have a small Condor 7.8.1 x86_64 pool of one central manager (also a submit & execute machine) & two submit/execute machines.

When a standard universe job is submitted from one machine that requires I/O access to directories which are NFS mounted in the same place on each machine, the jobs will not run or produce output due to file permission errors.

So a job submitted on one machine will only run on the machine it was submitted from, & will not run on any other machine. I have tried to read the admin manual about how to resolve this issue without making network mounted directories world-writeable (which would certainly work), but haven't made progress.

Might anyone have ideas about how our pool configuration might be resolved to allow Condor jobs which are submitted from one machine to execute on another machine, when they need I/O access to directories which have been NFS mounted in the same places on all machines in the pool?

This is a major problem, reducing our capability for time-sensitive computations by (at present) a full two thirds, so any help would be very, very welcome.

Kind regards,
Paul Browne


Mr. Paul Browne
School of Physics & Astronomy,
University of St Andrews,
North Haugh, St Andrews,
Fife, KY16 9SS,
Scotland, UK

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