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[Condor-users] FW: job stats

An update... it seems like condor_history will do the trick.  What I'd like to know is given that all our processing nodes are dedicated, and given that it seems that we are allowing pre-emption (I'm running with a default configuration)

What is the best way to calculate actual run time for a given job?

Thanks again for the help.


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Is it possible to run a command that retrieves start and end times for all jobs for a specific user?

I can use -
-bash-4.1$ condor_userprio -all
Last Priority Update:  6/6  10:31
                                    Effective   Real     Priority   Res   Total Usage       Usage            Last      
User Name                           Priority  Priority    Factor    Used (wghted-hrs)    Start Time       Usage Time   
------------------------------      --------- -------- ------------ ----  ----------- ---------------- ----------------
ted@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx               9.86     9.86         1.00    0     39823.67  3/16/2012 16:53  6/05/2012 23:45
bill@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx              140.55   140.55         1.00   73     79761.90  4/12/2012 10:41  6/06/2012 10:31

To show total hours of usage.  It would be nice to see a list that shows something like - Ted jobid starttime endtime wghted-hrs

On this same topic if someone could point me to a concise definition for a weighted hour I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for the help.

Florida State University HPC

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