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[Condor-users] CFP: The 13th IEEE/ACM Int. Symp. on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing (CCGrid) 2013

                      **** CALL FOR PAPERS ****

                The 13th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on 
                     Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing 
                            (CCGrid 2013)

          Delft University of Technology, Delft, the Netherlands

                           May 13-16, 2013


Rapid advances in architectures, networks, and systems and middleware technologies 
are leading to new concepts in and platforms for computing, ranging from Clusters and 
Grids to Clouds and Datacenters. CCGrid is a series of very successful conferences, 
sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Scalable Computing (TCSC) 
and the ACM, with the overarching goal of bringing together international researchers, 
developers, and users to provide an international forum to present leading research 
activities and results on a broad range of topics related to these concepts and platforms, 
and their applications. The conference features keynotes, technical presentations, 
workshops, tutorials, and posters, as well as the SCALE challenge featuring live demonstrations.  

In 2013, CCGrid will come to the Netherlands for the first time, and will be held in Delft, 
a historical, picturesque city that is less than one hour away from Amsterdam-Schiphol airport. 
The main conference will be held on May 14-16 (Tuesday to Thursday), with tutorials and 
affiliated workshops taking place on May 13 (Monday).

Papers Due:                             12 November 2012
Author Notifications:                   24 January 2013
Final Papers Due:                       22 February 2013

CCGrid 2013 will have a focus on important and immediate issues that are significantly 
influencing all aspects of cluster, cloud and grid computing. Topics of interest include, 
but are not limited to:   

* Applications and Experiences: Applications to real and complex problems in science, 
  engineering, business, and society; User studies; Experiences with large-scale deployments, 
  systems, or applications
* Architecture: System architectures, design and deployment; Power and cooling; Security 
  and reliability; High availability solutions   
* Autonomic Computing and Cyberinfrastructure: Self-managed behavior, models and technologies;
  Autonomic paradigms and systems (control-based, bio-inspired, emergent, etc.); Bio-inspired 
  optimizations and computing 
* Cloud Computing: Cloud architectures; Software tools and techniques for clouds
* Multicore and Accelerator-based Computing: Software and application techniques to utilize 
  multicore architectures and accelerators in clusters, grids, and clouds
* Performance Modeling and Evaluation: Performance prediction and modeling; Monitoring and 
  evaluation tools; Analysis of system and application performance; Benchmarks and testbeds   
* Programming Models, Systems, and Fault-Tolerant Computing: Programming models and 
  environments for cluster, cloud, and grid computing; Fault-tolerant systems, programs and 
  algorithms; Systems software to support efficient computing
* Scheduling and Resource Management: Techniques to schedule jobs and resources on cluster, 
  cloud, and grid computing platforms; SLA definition and enforcement

Authors are invited to submit papers electronically in PDF format. Submitted manuscripts 
should be structured as technical papers and may not exceed 8 letter-size (8.5 x 11) pages 
including figures, tables and references using the IEEE format for conference proceedings.
Submissions not conforming to these guidelines may be returned without review. Authors 
should make sure that their file will print on a printer that uses letter-size (8.5 x 11) 
paper. The official language of the conference is English. All manuscripts will be reviewed 
and will be judged on correctness, originality, technical strength, significance, quality of 
presentation, and interest and relevance to the conference attendees.  

Submitted papers must represent original unpublished research that is not currently under 
review for any other conference or journal. Papers not following these guidelines will be 
rejected without review and further action may be taken, including (but not limited to)
notifications sent to the heads of the institutions of the authors and sponsors of the 
conference. Submissions received after the due date, exceeding the page limit, or not 
appropriately structured may not be considered. Authors may contact the conference chairs 
for more information. The proceedings will be published through the IEEE Computer Society 
Press, USA, and will be made available online through the IEEE Digital Library.

Tutorials and workshops affiliated with CCGrid 2013 will be held on May 13 (Monday). For 
more information on the tutorials and workshops and for the complete Call for Tutorial and 
Workshop Proposals, please see the conference website.

Dick Epema, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

Thomas Fahringer, University of Innsbruck, Austria 

Rosa Badia, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain
Henri Bal, Vrije Universiteit, the Netherlands
Marios Dikaiakos, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
Kirk Cameron, VirginiaTech, USA
Daniel Katz, University of Chicago & Argonne Nat Lab, USA
Kate Keahey, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
Martin Schulz, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA
Douglas Thain, University of Notre Dame, USA
Cheng-Zhong Xu, Shenzhen Inst. of Advanced Techn, China

Shantenu Jha, Rutgers and Louisana State University, USA

Yogesh Simmhan, University of Southern California, USA
Ana Varbanescu, Delft Univ of Technology, the Netherlands

Pavan Balaji, Argonne National Laboratory, USA

Alexandru Iosup, Delft Univ of Technology, the Netherlands

Nazareno Andrade, University Federal de Campina Grance, Brazil
Gabriel Antoniu, INRIA, France
Bahman Javadi, University of Western Sysney, Australia
Ioan Raicu, Illinois Institute of Technology and Argonne National Laboratory, USA

**** CYBER CHAIR ****
Stephen van der Laan, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands
Ioan Raicu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)
Guest Research Faculty, Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)
Data-Intensive Distributed Systems Laboratory, CS/IIT
Distributed Systems Laboratory, MCS/ANL
Cel:    1-847-722-0876
Office: 1-312-567-5704
Email:  iraicu@xxxxxxxxxx
Web:    http://www.cs.iit.edu/~iraicu/
Web:    http://datasys.cs.iit.edu/