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Re: [Condor-users] FQDN to avoid specific machine(s)

You will need quotes around the machine names.   To find out what exact string to use,  just ask condor.

condor_status -format "%s\n" Machine   lingo.foo.bar.edu

if you are using Condor 7.7.5 or later, you can use the %V (for value) format to see whether or not quotes are needed.

    condor_status -format "%V\n" Machine   lingo.foo.bar.edu


On 6/26/2012 8:55 AM, Michael Lanham wrote:

I need to avoid three machines in my department's cluster that don't have supporting software installed. 
I am using the following requirements line

requirements	= ((ARCH == "INTEL" || ARCH=="X86_64") && \
			 ((OPSYS == "WINNT52") || (OPSYS == "WINNT61") || \
			 (OPSYS == "WINDOWS")) && \
			 (TARGET.Machine =!= lingo.foo.bar.edu) && \
			 (TARGET.Machine =!= bigfoot.foo.bar.edu) && \
			 (TARGET.Machine =!= zaphod.foo.bar.edu))

but this is not working. The jobs submit fine, but they still hit these three machines. 

I re-read the manual and think I discovered I had omitted the quotation marks around the machine names--assuming they are considered strings when doing the comparison.  Archives have examples with quotes and without quotes.  I have confirmed with condor_q -l that the machines names are advertising in all lower case, since =!= is case preserving (BTW, pro-ed question: whats the difference between case preserving and case sensitive?).

I am also not clear on the notation in the manual that the string is supposed to be the FQDN of the machine.  In DNS land, a FQDN requires a trailing period at the end (e.g. lingo.foo.bar.edu. [note the trailing period]).  Is that true in Condor submit land as well? Archives show examples without trailing periods....are they correct?

1. Do I surround FQDN machine names with quotes to either match or not match?
2. Does Condor expect to have a DNS-style FQDN with trailing period?

Mike Lanham

5117 Wean Hall, CMU,5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
412-268-4681 (w)  719-201-5520 (c)

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