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Re: [Condor-users] Linux schedd on a windows pool



Thank you for the response. 

For point 1.), I am trying to integrate this into an existing pool which already has a running windows CM, and I believe I have all of the correct ALLOW settings, since it’s been running for about 9 months now.   

In point 2.) you brought up some points on which I would like a little clarification.  What do you mean “be certain that ID’s are consistent across your domain”?  What is the “slot_user” is this specific to a linux CM?

3.) I have a working credd host, which has been handling credentials on my pool.  Are the daemon level authorizations different for jobs submitted from a linux scheduler than a windows one?


Again, thanks for your response.




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Eric - 


When working in a mixed env there are some tricks to keep in mind: 


1.) Make sure all nodes are still pointing to a consistent CM (Usually Linux is preferred for scalability), and have the correct ALLOW settings.  

2.) When doing an initial setup(for feasibilty) it's sometimes easier to use CLAIM_TO_BE and have windows use the normal slot_user account.  However you need to be certain that your ID's are consistent across your domain (namely for remote submission).  

3.) If you want to use run_as_owner on your windows machines then a CREDD will need to be installed on a windows box and daemon level authorizations need to be correct.


Hope this helps,


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Subject: [Condor-users] Linux schedd on a windows pool

Fellow condor users,


Following advice I received from condor developers regarding a maximum number of submitted jobs for my windows schedd, I decided to install condor on a linux box, and set that up as a scheduler.  I was able to get the latest version (7.6.6) installed, and can see the pool with condor_status, but strangely, the linux slots are not present even though startd is running (as is schedd) :


condor    3816     1  0 07:48 ?        00:00:01 /usr/sbin/condor_master -pidfile /var/lib/condor/log/condor.pid

condor    3817  3816  0 07:48 ?        00:00:00 condor_startd -f

condor    3818  3816  0 07:48 ?        00:00:00 condor_schedd -f

root      3820  3818  0 07:48 ?        00:00:00 condor_procd -A /var/lib/condor/log/procd_pipe.SCHEDD -R 10000000 -S 60 -C 115


When I try to do condor_store_cred –c add, I get


Operation failed.

    Make sure you have CONFIG access to the target Master.


And when I try to submit a job (not surprisingly) it doesn’t work, and it gives the following message:


Submitting job(s)

ERROR: Failed to connect to local queue manager

AUTHENTICATE:1003:Failed to authenticate with any method


my config.local (which I pulled from a windows schedd) reads as follows:



ALLOW_CONFIG = *.varian.com,$(IP_ADDRESS),$(CONDOR_HOST),Administrator@*


LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE = $(LOCAL_DIR)/condor_config.local








Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.






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