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Re: [HTCondor-users] [Condor-users] not seeing Windows 7 CPUs

Quoting "Ziliang Guo" <ziliang@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
Exceptions for basically all the condor daemons. condor_master,
schedd, startd, collector, etc. Though based on what other people have
said, I'd also recommend to see if the bad machines have multiple

Sorry I haven't responded earlier, but I was waiting for IT to weigh in on the firewall settings. Eventually I checked them myself. The Windows firewall control panel shows that its state is off, but there are exceptions for the programs listed above and a number of other condor_ ones as well. The MasterLog has messages showing that the various HTCondor applications are enabled in the firewall.

That computer's CPUs still don't show up in the list output by condor_status, though condor_status reports the same information on the pool controller and on this Win7 computer.

In the meantime I've rounded up another (rather old) WinXP machine and added it to the pool just fine.

I'm still left with: What is the problem with HTCondor and Windows 7?