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[HTCondor-users] Windows XP: Opsys = WINDOWS versus WINNT51. What causes difference?


I have two types of Windows XP PCs in the Condor pool here. The seem to be all identical, but to Condor they have a different Opsys:
one type has "Opsys = WINDOWS", and the others have "Opsys = WINNT51".

When I do a "condor_status -l | grep Opsys" for the first type, I get from each Windows XP PC:

OpSysAndVer = "WINDOWS501"
OpSysVer = 501
OpSysName = "WindowsXP"
OpSysShortName = "WinXP"
OpSysMajorVer = 501
OpSysLegacy = "WINNT51"
OpSysLongName = "Windows XP SP3"

When I do the same condor_status query for the second type Windows XP PCs, I get only:

OpSys = "WINNT51"

Can somebody explain to me what causes the difference between the two types of PCs?

Thank you.