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[Condor-users] not seeing Windows 7 CPUs

I have Condor 7.8.4 installed on a Windows 7 machine as master and have been submitting jobs from it to three Windows XP machines on the network. These jobs have been making use of all 12 of the available CPUs for the last week. No problem.

Today I installed the same version of Condor on a Windows 7 machine to add it as another client. After installation and restarting, its CPUs are still not appearing in the condor_status output along with the others, whether condor_status is run from that machine or the master, so of course, no jobs run on this "new" machine either.

What is special about Windows 7 that the machine's CPUs are not recognized?

I have looked around for an answer to this question and the only thing that seemed related was the issue of credentials. The queued jobs do database queries against the master computer and then process the retrieved data into an output file. The program needs to log into the database server, but doesn't require local user-restricted resources and can run whether the system is idle or not, so should not require special user credentials.