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[Condor-users] very MINOR bug report. Packaging of RHEL 6.3 tar file: some shared object libs are already pre-linked.

For Rocks, I use your precompiled binary tar.gz distribution, add  a couple of things, and then create an RPM out of the whole
shebang.  Usually, this causes no issue, but with 7.8.4, I had to unprelink a number of shared object libs from your tar file before
repacking into an RPM.   I know you do your own RPMs, but last time I worked with them, they really didn't like being installed
during kickstart.

While I'm able to solve the problem (calling prelink --undo during the RPM "build" phase on all shared object libs from your binary distribution), it seems that you would want to distribute non-prelinked libs before you create the tar.gz packaging.  

The reason that
this causes issues is the way RPM handles prelinked libs. At installation and verify steps, if it sees a prelinked lib, it undoes the prelink and compares the checksum of the file versus when it was packaged. If I don't un-prelink the packaged checksum of these individual files is X, while the un-prelinked version has checksum Y.   At install, the rpm lib calculates checksum Y (unprelinked) by sees the X checksum (Prelinked) in the RPM itself -- the install then simply fails.


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