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[Condor-users] "Condor" name changing to "HTCondor"

In order to resolve a lawsuit challenging the University of Wisconsin-Madison's use of the "Condor" trademark, the University has agreed to begin referring to its Condor software as "HTCondor". Starting in the end of October and through November of this year, you will begin to see this change reflected on our web site, documentation, web URLs, email lists, and wiki. We will keep the community updated as these changes take place.

* Will this change how the software is used?

No. While the name of the software is changing, nothing about the naming or usage of the command-line tools, APIs, environment variables, or source code will change. For example, to submit a job, users will still run "condor_submit", and the environment variable to point to the configuration file is still called CONDOR_CONFIG. Portals, scripts, gateways, and other code built on top of the Condor software should not have to change at all when HTCondor is installed.

* Why the name HTCondor ?

The letters at the start of the new name ("HT") derive from the software's primary objective: to enable high throughput computing, often abbreviated as HTC.