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Re: [Condor-users] Where to set ENABLE_VERSIONED_OPSYS

It appears that a recent change broke the ENABLE_VERSIONED_OPSYS config knob. it doesn't work in 7.8.3 or 7.8.4 We'll get this fixed in the next stable version. In the mean time, you can work around it
by setting OPSYS explicitly in condor_config on the execute node.


In 7.8.4 I think you can also put this in your config


going forward OPSYSLEGACY will have the value of the old style OPSYS on all platforms.

You should also be aware that the old-style opsys can have
values of WINNT52, WINNT60 (and soon WINNT62) for supported windows platforms. So In the long run, it would be best to fix your software to match OPSYS=="WINDOWS"


On 9/19/2012 6:25 AM, RATH Jochen (AREVA) wrote:

I'm using a Linux server as a condor collector and a windows desktop as
a condor submission and execution host. On both machine runs condor
7.8.3. My goal is to use a software which automatically generate
Condor-Submit and to distribute calculations across several windows pcs.
Unfortunately, this software define the requirements of a windows
operation after the old opsys fashion:
"Requirements=((OpSys==" WINNT51" || OpSys=="WINNT61") && (Arch=="INTEL"
|| Arch=="X86_64"))"

To be able, to use the new Condor Version I tried to set the variable
"ENABLE_VERSIONED_OPSYS=TRUE" on both the execution and master node in
the condor_config and condor_config.local file. But condor_status always
gives me "WINDOWS" as the OpSys. See at the end.

Where do I need to set the "ENABLE_VERSIONED_OPSYS" so that I get the
old fashioned way of the windows naming?

Kind regards
  Jochen Rath

PS C:\Windows\system32> condor_status

Name               OpSys      Arch   State     Activity LoadAv Mem

slot1@EDARE0000009 WINDOWS    X86_64 Unclaimed Idle     0.000  3071
slot2@EDARE0000009 WINDOWS    X86_64 Unclaimed Idle     0.000  3071
slot3@EDARE0000009 WINDOWS    X86_64 Unclaimed Idle     1.000  3071
slot4@EDARE0000009 WINDOWS    X86_64 Unclaimed Idle     0.130  3071
slot5@EDARE0000009 WINDOWS    X86_64 Unclaimed Idle     0.000  3071
slot6@EDARE0000009 WINDOWS    X86_64 Unclaimed Idle     0.000  3071
slot7@EDARE0000009 WINDOWS    X86_64 Unclaimed Idle     0.000  3071
slot8@EDARE0000009 WINDOWS    X86_64 Unclaimed Idle     0.000  3071
                      Total Owner Claimed Unclaimed Matched Preempting

       X86_64/WINDOWS     8     0       0         8       0          0

                                   Total     8     0       0         8
0          0        0
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