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[Condor-users] MRG 2.2 update for Red Hat MRG Grid

Dear Condor Users 

I am pleased to announce the general availability of Enterprise MRG 2.2 update for Red Hat MRG Grid. Enterprise MRG 2.2 is based on Condor 7.6. 

With its 2.2 release, Red Hat Enterprise MRG gains even further cloud readiness, with the addition of support for Apache Deltacloud, an open source project originally initiated by Red Hat that is now hosted by the Apache Software Foundation. Deltacloud's fundamental goal is to abstract differences across clouds using a variety of techniques that provide consistency while making it possible to leverage functionality present within different clouds to the maximum degree possible – with support for Deltacloud in Enterprise MRG 2.2, the platform gains additional flexibility to enable easy deployment of open hybrid clouds in concert with the full portfolio of Red Hat Cloud solutions. 

Highlights of the 2.2 release include: 

- Apache Deltacloud support to the Condor Grid Universe: jobs can now be submitted to Condor to run against the Deltacloud API. In this scenario, Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid implementations can use the open API from Deltacloud to request additional virtual instances from any service provider that implements Deltacloud service. 
- Enhancements to the Enterprise MRG Management console called Cumin: to allow the use of LDAP servers for authentication. 
- A new Condor Resource Agent: enabling more than one scheduler daemon instance to be run on a cluster. 
- Support of named groups for Condor's Concurrency Limits: without invoking frequent Negotiator reconfigurations.
- Ability to configure Red Hat High Availability: to run and manage multiple HA schedulers on a cluster via the configuration tool called Wallaby. 

For more information please contact me and/or check the link below: 

For more information on Apache Deltacloud please visit: http://deltacloud.apache.org/

Best Regards

Tushar Katarki
Sr. Product Manager
Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid
314 Littleton Road
Westford, MA 01886 USA

Email: tkatarki@xxxxxxxxxx
Mobile: +1-978-618-6690
Direct: +1-978-392-2499