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[HTCondor-users] Unable to parse single quote in condor_submit config file

Thank you Andrey for your response, however I do not see the results you assert should occur.
In digging a little deeper, the difficulty seems to be in invoking the overall matlab execution in Windows without a bat file.
The following should be an easily reproducible test on any Win machine that has any version of Win MatLab and Condor:
at standard dos prompt:     matlab -r diary;path;exit
This opens MatLab (full desktop), and lists its current path into a file 'diary' in the current working directory then closes. 
I've removed all other options for simplicity e.g. -nodesktop.
As I understand it, this should transcribe to the condor_submit file as ...
arguments = -r diary;path;exit
I've also tried = "'-r diary;path;exit'" which is DblQuote SingleQuote -r ... exit SingleQuote DblQuote
as per the documentation.  No Joy.
If someone can assist in this example on Windows I'm sure I can build from it.
Many thanks,