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[HTCondor-users] Condor + MatLab + Windows + UNC

Hello all and thanks for reading / giving some input:
We have set up a simple lab with one node acting both as master and execute on Win 7 (no domain).
Same unit has MatLab.
There is a NAS device on the network accessed with UNC paths.
We've set up Condor to launch MatLab with user impersonation and the condor_submit description file uses run_as_owner = true. 
When invoking Matlab through Condor and watching Task Manager we can see MatLab launching as the submitting user.
Here is the anomaly:
When launching MatLab from the standard desktop by icon, within MatLab the Path entries to the UNC share are there and no warning is posted on startup.
When launching MatLab from a CMD windows with MatLab -r mFile, MatLab launches, executes mFile, and again there are no warnings in respect to Path entries.
When we launch through Condor, we are presented with a warning about all the UNC Path entries:
Warning: Directory access failure: file://diskstation/Matlab
Warning: Directory access failure: file://diskstation/Matlab/Data
.... [edited for brevity]
This information is being trapped launching MatLab with the -logfile switch within Condor. 
No errors are reported within Condor and the instantiated MatLab (under the user's account) simply hangs until we kill it through Task Manager.
There are no access denied logs on the UNC device, and the shares are globally open - read / write / browse.
Any thoughts on how to hunt this problem down is appreciated.