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[HTCondor-users] Windows Central Credd Server



I am in the process of testing a Windows 7 condor pool on virtual machines before rolling out to a larger physical system. I am not sure how I should be managing credentials and if you could provide some guidance it would be greatly appreciated. Configuration details of the system are below. At present as I add a computer I have had to run condor_store_cred for each of the accounts on the system but ideally this would all be managed in a single by the single credd service so that machines would just work once the correct config files were installed. Is that possible and what settings would I need in the condor_config/condor_config.local files.


An additionally configuration question should the condor_config file be a single file referenced by all computers with only the .local file changing as required? At present I have been copying these to new machines as they are added, but I have NAS storage available that could host them if that was best practice.


I have created a test domain ‘DOMAIN.COM’ on the local LAN with the listed computers and accounts.


·         MASTER.domain.com                    - central ‘manager’, runs COLLECTOR NEGOTIATOR CREDD etc.

·         WORKER1.domain.com                 - executes and submits jobs

·         WORKER2.domain.com                 - executes and submits jobs


·         condor@xxxxxxxxxx                    - not currently used, can be if needed

·         Robert@xxxxxxxxxx                    - my account, used to submit jobs

·         slot1@xxxxxxxxxx                         - execute account

·         slot2@xxxxxxxxxx                         - execute account


Computers are currently setup with 2 slots and slot<n> is a dedicated execute account.



Robert McMillan