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[HTCondor-users] stork-dagman error submit


Im using stork with dagman in JAVA universe.

I already send and execute jobs with dagman and everything is ok.

The problem is when I try to send DATA with stork. I have a problem to send the file. I got the same error. The error I found in the .dagman.out file is:

04/10/13 12:56:29 ERROR: my_popen(stork_submit -lognotes DAG' 'Node:' 'FOR_A transfer.stork) in submit_try() failed!

04/10/13 12:56:29 ERROR: submit attempt failed



Im pretty sure Im missing something in my stork file. Im not sure if the src_url and dest_url directions are well written. I just want to use the same directory. Since I don’t know where exactly in the destiny machine my file is going to be written, how to especify this?


My stork file is this: transfer.stork


dap_type = transfer;

src_url = "file:/matrix.txt";

dest_url = "file:/matrix.txt";

log = "transferfile.log";

err = "transferfile.err";

output = "transferfile.out";



I also tried

src_url = "file:matrix.txt";

My dag file is:



DATA   FOR_A  transfer.stork

JOB    A      NumberRead_A.condor



My condor file:

# file name: NumberRead_A.condor

# HTCondor submit description file for a job with a file


Universe   = java

Executable = NumberRead_A.class

Arguments  = NumberRead_A matrix.txt

Log        = NumberRead_A.log

Output     = NumberRead_A.out

Error      = NumberRead_A.error


should_transfer_files = YES

when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT

transfer_input_files = matrix.txt

notification = never

Queue 1


Thank you in advance for your support