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[HTCondor-users] Anyone out there using Privilege Separation in HTCondor?

To help weigh development priorities in HTCondor, I would really like to know if administrators are running with Privilege Separation (privsep) functionality enabled in HTCondor [1]. If you are the person who setup/installed HTCondor and you are not certain, the answer is likely "no". :)

If you are indeed using privsep, please just respond to this email (or directly to me) and say so.


[1] To determine this for certain, you could run
   condor_config_val PRIVSEP_ENABLED
on any execute node, and if it returns "true" then you are using privsep. The default is false, so unless you actively enabled privsep, you are not using it. Details on Privilege Separation in the Manual:

Todd Tannenbaum <tannenba@xxxxxxxxxxx> University of Wisconsin-Madison
Center for High Throughput Computing   Department of Computer Sciences