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[HTCondor-users] ProcD issues

We've been having some trouble with ProcD. Whenever a machine changes states (usually going from backfill to unclaimed) ProcD has the following error on Windows 8 machines (not entirely sure if it's exclusive to them...) 

04/23/13 17:39:41 CreateFile error: 2
04/23/13 17:39:41 ProcFamilyClient: failed to start connection with ProcD
04/23/13 17:39:41 unregister_subfamily: ProcD communication error
04/23/13 17:39:41 ERROR "ProcD has failed" at line 621 in file c:\condor\execute\dir_1756\userdir\src\condor_utils\proc_family_proxy.cpp

The ProcD.STARTD logs don't mention any errors, so I'm not sure what happened. 

Anyway, I was wondering what alternatives to ProcD existed. The ProcD wisdom page mentions a killfamily class method. Is this a UNIX exclusive thing? How can I configure the rest of my daemons to not use ProcD? Any light you guys can shine on this would be greatly appreciated.


John Lambert