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Re: [HTCondor-users] HTCondor on OSX

On 04/25/2013 10:39 AM, Ian Cottam wrote:
On 25/04/2013 16:08, "Cody Belcher" <codytrey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Is there anyone out there successfully running Condor on Mac OSX? If you
are, would you mind sending me your documentation on how you set up your

Thanks in advanced

Cody Belcher
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We have a couple of Macs in our Pool. What is your main problem?
I spotted you asked about seeing the loopback IP address in your
logs? Did you fix that?
I found putting the IP address followed by the DNS name of the Mac as the
first line in the file /etc/hosts helps.

The main problem I've been seeing is that when a job is submitted, it will only run on the machine it was submitted from. so when I run condor_submit some.submit.file with say 20 jobs to run. It will run 4 jobs at a time on the submit home, not utilizing the rest of the nodes. All of these machines will be re-imaged so I will be starting from scratch