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[HTCondor-users] Completed jobs stuck on node.

Completed jobs are getting stuck on nodes.  The _condor_stdout shows a normal 
program finish and the expected output files are present in the 
/var/lib/condor/execute/dir***/ folder.  Condor still shows this job as 
running (both on condor_status and condor_q), however, nothing is happening.  
The machine continues to stay in the Busy state.  I'm unsure of the path to fix 
this problem.  The StarterLog.slot2 file has the following msg:

ERROR: the submitting host claims to be in our UidDomain (ierus.local), yet 
its hostname ( does not match.  If the above hostname is actually 
an IP address, Condor could not perform a reverse DNS lookup to convert the IP 
back into a name.  To solve this problem, you can either correctly configure 
DNS to allow the reverse lookup, or you can enable TRUST_UID_DOMAIN in your 
condor configuration. 

I'm new to administering condor so I'm at a loss on where to start to correct 
this issue.  Thanks for your help.