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Re: [HTCondor-users] IsDesktop requirement not honored during batch job

On 8/7/2013 12:58 PM, Michael McInerny Murphy wrote:
I used the configuration outlined in the condor v7.8.8 User's Manual on
preferred machines (Desktop/Servers).  However, during batch jobs, the
+IsDesktop = False flag doesn't seem to be considered as jobs are being run on
desktop nodes.  condor_status -constraint "IsDesktop == False" lists the
appropriate nodes.  Any clues?

Sounds like you are not submitting your job correctly. From the above, I gather you have a submit file that looks like:

   executable = foo
   +IsDesktop = False

If so, what the above says is just insert an attribute into the job classad called IsDesktop and give it a value of false. What you want to say is "I require this job to be matched with a machine who's machine ad has IsDesktop = False". To do this, your submit file should look like:

   executable = foo
   requirements = IsDesktop == False

See this section of the Manual


for more info.

Hope the above helps,