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[HTCondor-users] Troubles with credentials on Windows machine

$CondorVersion: 7.9.1 Oct 15 2012 BuildID: 70216 $
$CondorPlatform: x86_64_winnt_6.1 $

I cannot fix what seems to be a credential problem with my Windows HTC pool.

I've set up the central manager on one desktop, and my machine has all
permissions (submit, admin, etc). I tried to change as little as
possible from the default condor_config file; only the CM uses
condor_config.local, which was created by appending
condor_config.local.central.manager + condor_config.local.credd,
editing as needed, and saving to the CM as condor_config.local.

The problem always presents as the trivial test job being Held:

Y:\SoftwareUpdates\Condor>condor_q -analyze

-- Submitter: bdomo-002.a.b.c : <> : bdomo-002.a.b.c
110.000:  Request is held.

Hold reason: Failed to initialize user log to
\\delta-mod\YDrive\SoftwareUpdates\Condor\dsm2-110-0.log or

Trying to see what the problem is, I made sure I used
condor_store_credd correctly:

Y:\SoftwareUpdates\Condor>condor_store_cred add
Account: rfinch@a

Enter password:

Operation succeeded.

Y:\SoftwareUpdates\Condor>condor_store_cred add -p condor_pool -c
Account: condor_pool@xxxxx

Operation succeeded.

Y:\SoftwareUpdates\Condor>condor_store_cred add -p condor_pool -c -n bdomo-002
Account: condor_pool@xxxxx

Operation succeeded.

The CreddLog file on the CM initially shows no problem:

08/20/13 15:26:29 Calling HandleReq <store_cred_handler> (0) for
command 479 (STORE_CRED) from rfinch@a <>
08/20/13 15:26:29 Return from HandleReq <store_cred_handler> (handler:
0.046s, sec: 0.016s, payload: 0.000s)
08/20/13 15:26:29 Return from Handler
<DaemonCommandProtocol::WaitForSocketData> 0.0620s

So, with everything looking good, I submit another job. But soon a
problem appears:

08/20/13 15:31:16 Calling Handler <DaemonCommandProtocol::WaitForSocketData> (2)
08/20/13 15:31:16 DC_AUTHENTICATE: required authentication of
failed: AUTHENTICATE:1003:Failed to authenticate with any
method|AUTHENTICATE:1004:Failed to authenticate using PASSWORD
08/20/13 15:31:16 Return from Handler
<DaemonCommandProtocol::WaitForSocketData> 0.0150s

I left these lines unchanged in the condor_config:

Perhaps of interest, on the CM machine, directory c:\condor\cred_dir
exists but is empty.

So I am stuck.

Ralph Finch
California Dept. of Water Resources