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[HTCondor-users] fair-share width dedicated scheduler

Dear Condor users and developers,

I would like to set our dedicated HTC pool a fair-share pool,
but I would like to preempt only the standard jobs. The others
assumed to be short enough or will be killed later.
So I created a sutiable PREEMPTION_REQUIREMENTS in which I wanted to use
the SubmitterUserPrio attribute acordint to the documentation (3.4.3).
After a long debugging period I have found that the negotiator does not publish
the SubmitterUserPrio but uses the SubmittorUserPrio.
I think it is a simple typo and I would like to mention this.

I appreciate if anybody could help making more fair the dedicated scheduler.
As I figured out from the htcondor documentation and from the
archive of the list
the dedicated scheduler which schedules the parallel jobs, uses only
the job priority (JobPrio) to determine the next scheduled job.

Can somehow configure the dedicated scheduler to use the user priority instead, or
the only way to make dedicated scheduler more fair (starting jobs according its
priority, and not in FIFO order) to change the JobPrio dynamically.

If so, Can I somehow set the JobPrio dynamically without writing a daemon for this.

Thank you,

Imre Szeberenyi