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[HTCondor-users] DAGMan variable expansion within submit files not working for Initialdir

Hello Condor users!

Our current production Condor version is 7.8.8 (under Centos 5.9).

I'm trying to use variables within DAGs and submit files as shown at
the end of http://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/manual/v7.8/2_10DAGMan_Applications.html

But, it looks like it's working for "Arguments" but not with
"Initialdir", I'm getting this at my dagman.out:

08/29/13 16:57:09 statfs(/opt/home/mega/test/dir.$(SNAME)/log) failed:
2/No such file or directory
08/29/13 16:57:09 WARNING: can't determine whether log file
/opt/home/mega/test/dir.$(SNAME)/log is on NFS.
08/29/13 16:57:09 DAGMan::Job:8001:ERROR: Unable to monitor log file
for node A|ReadMultipleUserLogs:9004:Error getting file ID in
monitorLogFile()|ReadMultipleUserLogs:9004:Error initializing log file
/opt/home/mega/test/dir.$(SNAME)/log|MultiLogFiles:9001:Error (2, No
such file or directory) opening file
/opt/home/mega/test/dir.$(SNAME)/log for creation or truncation
08/29/13 16:57:09 ERROR "Fatal log file monitoring error!

My dag file is:
# test1.dag
JOB A template1.condor

And my submit file:
# template1.condor
Notification = Never
Universe   = vanilla
Executable = /bin/bash
request_memory = 1 GB
request_cpus = 1
Log        = log
Output     = out
Error      = err
should_transfer_files = YES
Environment = "HELLO='HELLO WORLD'"
Arguments  = "-c 'echo ""$(SNAME)""; exit ""$(SNAME)""'"
Initialdir = dir.$(SNAME)

I've tried with "Initialdir = dir.1" (hard coded), and the job run as
expected (in this case, echoing 1, and marking/creating the rescue job
as expected).

What should I do to enable variable expansion for "Initialdir" ?

Regards and thanks in advance.