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Re: [HTCondor-users] HTCondor-users Digest, Vol 1, Issue 4

On 30/12/2013 14:58, htcondor-users-request@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
condor_submit_dag -no_submit <dagfile> # Generates the .condor.sub file
condor_submit -append 'hold=true' <.condor.sub> # Submits the dag on hold, gets an ID from the schedd
<You push the ID into your database>
condor_release <ID>
That's interesting, thank you.

> Then use the do_final.sh method you are doing below. (No need to wrap in a subdag now)

...except that I still need to pass the job ID to the FINAL node's PRE or POST script. Trying $JOBID on the POST script gives a garbage result; I got a $JOBID of 0.2147483647 (note that 2147483647 == 0x7fffffff)

By the time I have got a jobid from schedd, it's too late to change the submit file. I suppose I could change the DAG file, but is there a cleaner way to pass this value to the final script?

Thanks again,