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[HTCondor-users] Changing condor_submit generated file owner/permissions


we've been running a condor pool with user access through condor's inbuilt -remote functionality and would now like to expand its access to ssh/gsissh based on Remote HTCondor. The problem we are facing is due to the fact that we can't have condor running as true root for our shared disk nor do the user accounts share the same user group as condor (the user database is imported with LDAP and we can't add condor to it). When submitting a job as a regular user, condor_submit will pre-create the expected output files with the user persona. With both the default condor_submit and setgid condor_submit, these are not accessible by condor. Is there a way to prevent condor_submit from creating the files and have the condor daemons create them when they have to? Can I change the umask for the new files somehow? Or can I automatically have condor_submit delegated to the condor user?