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[HTCondor-users] Invitation to try Bosco

Dear HTCondor Users,

The Open Science Grid / HTCondor / Campus Grid team is inviting you to test drive a new capability called Bosco. Bosco has been developed to make it easier for researchers to grab and utilize high throughput computing resources, without leaving their desktop. It utilizes all the familiar Condor capabilities that you know, but provides an easy to install package that adds a handful of new capabilities:

* Easy to install on a Llinux or Mac computer and send HTC jobs directly to your cluster.
* Sends jobs to both HTCondor systems and other batch systems such as PBS and SGE.
* User just installs, tells Bosco about the submit node where they can login, and then submits jobs.
* All that is required is for a user to have an ssh login on the submit node -- no administrator support needed.

To get started, click on the "Quickstart" tab on the Bosco website: http://bosco.opensciencegrid.org.

While many of you are expert Condor users, please consider Bosco as a tool that may make it easier for your colleagues who may not be Condor experts to also enjoy the benefits of high throughput computing.

(There are also some features for expert users, such as scheduling workloads across many different compute clusters, including clusters managed with PBS and SGE in addition to HTCondor. Read the full "install document" linked at the top of the Quickstart guide for this advanced capability.)

We welcome your help and comments. You are invited to give it a try and let us know how to continue improving on this capability. Please send comments to bosco-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx You may also receive a survey in a few days to let us know your thoughts and experiences.

Thank you kindly,

The Bosco team

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