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[HTCondor-users] Overriding Cmd for condor_q output?

I am putting together some python apps to deploy across condor. It seems the
most convenient way to do this is as a zip file:

  executable = /usr/bin/python
  transfer_executable = false
  arguments = -mmyprog
  transfer_input_files = myapp.zip      # contains myprog.py and libraries
  environment = "PYTHONPATH=myapp.zip"
  output = myapp.out

This works fine, except that when I do condor_q the jobs all appear as
"python", which is not very informative.  I can get the full details with
condor_q -long of course, but that's very verbose.

I couldn't find an option in
but is it possible to give a value to be displayed instead of Cmd in

Otherwise, I can put this in a script:
condor_q -format "%d." ClusterId -format "%d" ProcId -format " %s" Owner -format " %s" Cmd -format " %s\n" Arguments

But in this case it displays _all_ the arguments (which could be a very long
list for the application in hand)