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Re: [HTCondor-users] Disabling transfer of output files

> This should do the trick:
>   Transfer_Output_Files = ""

This actually creates a file called '""' on the submission host!

(I am running condor 7.8.7 under Ubuntu 12.04 x86_64)

Strangely, it doesn't complain that no such file existed on the execution
host. However if I write

    Transfer_Output_Files = wombat

Hold reason: Error from slot1@....: STARTER at .... failed to send file(s) to <.....:35304>: error reading from /var/lib/condor/execute/dir_10786/wombat: (errno 2) No such file or directory; SHADOW failed to receive file(s) from <.....:50587>

If I set

    Transfer_Output_Files = ,

then it's treated the same as empty string (i.e. all files created by the
job are transferred)