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Re: [HTCondor-users] How use less ports

Dan Bradley <dan@...> writes:

> On 6/11/13 3:11 AM, Romain wrote:
> That sounds correct.  I can't think of any good reason to have the 
> negotiator use its own fixed port.  It should be easiest to just have it 
> use the shared port, which should be the default behavior if you enable 
> shared_port.  The collector can also be configured to use shared_port if 
> you define COLLECTOR_HOST appropriately throughout the pool.
> Yes.  For outgoing connections from the submit machine, you need a port 
> range (OUT_LOWPORT to OUT_HIGHPORT) that scales with the maximum number 
> of running jobs.  Other nodes can have a smaller port range.  If the 
> large outbound port range is a problem, you can configure the execute 
> nodes to use CCB.  This causes all connections between the submit and 
> execute nodes to be in the direction execute --> submit, which reduces 
> the number of required outbound ports on the submit machine.
> I'd recommend not complicated things unless you really have to.
> It is not clear to me what configuration you are using when you observe 
> the above behavior.
> --Dan


Sorry for the response time, I've other project and thing to do before 
continue to configure the grid.

So, I will summarize and ask my question:

 My topology:
I ve two "sub-network" separate by a firewall/router
- first sub-net composed of master + submit/execute nodes
- second sub-net composed of submit/execute nodes

 My configuration:
I used a shared port : 9618 in all nodes
and a range port : 9600 to 12000
when I look netstat It's ok ports I configure are used.

 The objectif is to be able to use as minimum one submit machine on each 
sub-net and obviously every execute nodes

 My questions are:
My configuration is it correct to do that ?
And what ports I need to open ? in what way ?
(Is it possible to open one ore two ports for everything ?)

To finish:

You say:
>>If the large outbound port range is a problem, you can configure the 
>>execute nodes to use CCB

What is the CCB ? I never see anything about this in the HTCondor 
documentation for the time

Thank you for your time.
Have a nice day.