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[HTCondor-users] Call for Presentations: SC13 Dissertation Research Showcase and Early Research Showcase

Submissions are now being accepted for the two tracks of the Doctoral
Showcase program:

• The Dissertation Research Showcase track for Ph.D. students who will
be graduating in the next 12 months, and
• The Early Research Showcase track for Ph.D. and master’s students
who are in the early stages of their research.

Applications for Doctoral Showcase due July 31, 2013

Dissertation Research Showcase

The dissertation research of Ph.D. students in high performance
computing, networking, storage and analysis will be spotlighted in the
Doctoral Showcase program. This track provides a venue for Ph.D.
students who will be graduating in the next 12 months to present a
summary of their latest and systematic dissertation research. It
provides an opportunity to educate junior graduate students working in
high performance computing areas. This program also provides an ideal
opportunity for prospective employers in academia, research
laboratories and industry to interact with prospective Ph.D.s.
Students are asked to submit a two-page summary of their research,
publications list and three slides on their major results for
consideration by the Doctoral Showcase committee. These accepted Ph.D.
students will be invited for presentations at the SC13 conference.
Everyone attending the conference is encouraged to attend this
program. Come to see the latest and greatest dissertation work done by
tomorrow’s HPC experts.

Early Research Showcase

The Early Research Showcase track provides early-stage research
students with an opportunity to present their research and engage with
the SC community. This track allows students in the first three years
of their Ph.D. to present promising early-stage research, while
encouraging conversations with HPC experts. The format of this track
is a lightening presentation round and a poster exhibition that will
be co-scheduled with the Dissertation Research Showcase. The showcase
invites both students who are researching computational techniques and
high performance computing, and students applying computational
techniques to their scientific domain. Students are asked to submit a
one-page summary of their research. Participating students are
encouraged to use the poster session as a forum to introduce new
approaches, discuss new technology, learn about relevant literature or
define future research goals. Everyone attending the conference is
encouraged to attend this program to engage with future HPC experts
and provide valuable feedback and learn about future research
developments. The Early Research Showcase is an evolution of the Early
Adopters Ph.D. Workshops (SC09 to SC11).

Visit the SC13 Doctoral Showcase webpage:
And the submissions site: https://submissions.supercomputing.org/

Questions: doc-showcase@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx