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[HTCondor-users] Change in _CONDOR_SLOT behavior from 7.6 to 7.8

Has anyone else stumbled onto a change in behavior in _CONDOR_SLOT?


Single-slot machine, v7.6.7
Multi-slot machine, v7.6.7
Single-slot machine, v7.8.8
Multi-slot machine, v7.8.8

The emptiness for single-slot in 7.8 appears to be related to this bug
fix in 7.7.0:
When there are multiple cpus but only one slot, the slot name no
longer begins with slot1@.

I suspect that the change in multi-slot behavior may be related to the
introduction of the splitSlotName ClassAd function. Anyone from the
HTCondor team care to comment on if this is an expected change or an
accidental one?

(see also: ticket 3752)


Ben Cotton
Senior Support Engineer
Cycle Computing