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[HTCondor-users] Personal Condor on Dual Core machine


I am learning Condor. 

I have installed personal condor on Ubuntu 12.04 on dual core machine. When I run condor_status, I get two entries with name slot1@ and slot2@. 

I want to understand following .

(1) Does slot1@ and slot2@ mean that "there are two computing resources on my personal condor machine?"
(2) How many batch jobs my personal condor can run at a time? (2 as condor_status shows two slots.)
(3) In above case, I do not know whether personal condor will execute all, say 6, submitted jobs or will execute max two jobs(due to 2 slots) at a time and other jobs will wait until previous jobs complete their execution? 
(4) Condor's resource scheduler is time-shared or space-shared? Is there any configuration to make it time-shared or space-shared?

Waiting for reply.
Harshad Prajapati