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[HTCondor-users] Hiding job contents from machine owners



I have a security issue in that I need to ensure (for legal reasons) that machine owners cannot read the content of any job that is running on their machine.  My jobs are Perl scripts with a bunch of supporting data, running on Windows machines (mix of Server2003 and XPSP2).


I’ve managed to hide all temporary data in a subdirectory that I do a chmod 700 on, so that’s good.  However, I also need to hide the job’s inputs & outputs and the problem I’m having is that Condor seems to be adding the following ACLs to the execute directory:



BUILTIN\Users:(CI)(special access:)


BUILTIN\Users:(CI)(special access:)



Therefore, when the deployment data is copied over by Condor, it becomes readable by every user on that machine in addition to condor-reuse-slotN.


Is there a neat way of disabling this behaviour without hacking a whole bunch of CACLS calls into the front of my job script?  It’s also a bit unsafe because the permissions removal won’t happen until after the sensitive data is copied in and the job started, so there’s a window wherein all local users can still read sensitive files.







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