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Re: [HTCondor-users] Windows 7 dedicated user account with registry access

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This is a regular _expression_ (i.e. a string matching pattern) that matches the account name(s) that are dedicated to running condor jobs on the execute machine and which will never be used for more than one job at a time. The default matches no account name. If you have configured SLOT<N>_USER to be a different account for each HTCondor slot, and no non-condor processes will ever be run by these accounts, then this pattern should match the names of all SLOT<N>_USER accounts. Jobs run under a dedicated execute account are reliably tracked by HTCondor, whereas other jobs, may spawn processes that HTCondor fails to detect. Therefore, a dedicated execution account provides more reliable tracking of CPU usage by the job and it also guarantees that when the job exits, no ``lurker'' processes are left behind. When the job exits, condor will attempt to kill all processes owned by the dedicated execution account. Example:
SLOT1_USER = cndrusr1
SLOT2_USER = cndrusr2
You can tell if the starter is in fact treating the account as a dedicated account, because it will print a line such as the following in its log file:

Tracking process family by login "cndrusr1"
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Because you are using the same slot_user for each slot, I'm guessing when one exits it will try to clean all sub-processes owned by your shared account.  

Typically slot users are unique to allow independent tracking.  

A simple test would be to create different slot_users and verify.  If this doesn't work please attach job & condor logs w/ D_FULLDEBUG, for diagnostics.


From: "Robert McMillan" <robmc87@tpg.com.au>
To: htcondor-users@cs.wisc.edu
Sent: Wednesday, March 6, 2013 7:36:48 AM
Subject: [HTCondor-users] Windows 7 dedicated user account with registry        access



I am new to Condor and I am trying to run AutoCAD 2013’s command line application AcCoreConsole.exe over a grid of Windows 7 computers. AutoCAD requires the executing account to have registry access (load_profile = True in submit file) and AutoCAD has to have performed it’s first run initialisation as the account before using AcCoreConsole.exe. AutoCAD first run is performed per user account and creates registry entries under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Autodesk\AutoCAD and an %APPDATA% directory in the user profile.


A dedicated execute user account has been created DOMAIN\svc-condor for the jobs to run as but I am a little stuck when it comes to the configuration.

Before submitting any jobs I have logged in as the svc-condor account and run Autocad for the first time so the user directory C:\Users\svc-condor exists on the run computer and the Registry is populated and ready.


System is running Condor V7.8.7 and o far I have added the following to the config file:


# Restricting CPU’s for testing

# Set RUNAS user account

SLOT1_USER = DOMAIN\svc-condor

SLOT2_USER = DOMAIN\svc-condor




condor_store_cred has been performed for the run account.


If I submit a single job to the pool it runs correctly, however when submitting multiple jobs it fails. Does DEDICATED_EXECUTE_ACCOUNT_REGEXP cleanup all processes running as the account when the first job finishes on the machine, effectively killing all other in progress jobs?


I would appreciate any help or suggestions that can be provided with getting this running. Any example condor_config files for the Windows environment where load_profile is used with a dedicated account would also be appreciated.



Robert McMillan

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