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[HTCondor-users] Default value for "Iwd" classad? (Python-Condor)

I'm trying to run some jobs using the python bindings for Condor 7.9.4. They keep being held because the "Iwd" classad seems to be required, but I can't find a general "default" value for it that would work on any execute machine (that is, if I set it to some hard-coded directory, it would error out on a machine that didn't have that exact directory structure).

Is it possible to leave this classad out and let the execute nodes take care of it? (If so, I can't seem to find any classads that would enable this, and just leaving it out altogether produces errors) Is there a default value for Iwd that would enable this action? I've tried "/", "." and the directory it's being submitted from on the submit machine, but none of those worked.