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Re: [HTCondor-users] CondorView is being used widely?


I'm interested in the successor to CondorView that you trailed in this post.

Is something available yet? Could you point me to it please?


Roderick Johnstone

On 30/11/12 13:34, Todd Tannenbaum wrote:
Hi Ian -

Thanks for your post.

As the original author (shudder) of the CondorView client, I am pleased
to hear your find it useful.  I have been playing around on a successor
to CondorView - currently I am doing this as a class project, but I hope
I'll have something ready to share late Dec or Jan.  So far I am aiming
   - interactive javascript-based charts (instead of java applet)
   - easy to configure new charts without code changes
   - better built-in understanding of partitionable slots (the current
CondorView usage graphs are a little wonky if you use a lot of
partitionable slots)
   - leverage the classad-based statistics introduced in v7.8 [1]
   - lightweight, fast and easy to deploy, no additional infrastructure
(like database servers) required

As for other tools to see what is happening in HTCondor, ones that come
to mind include CycleServer and Cumin. I believe both of these can layer
on top of an existing HTCondor pool, and go beyond just monitoring and
move into administration.

Also, here at UW-Madison, we use Ganglia to monitor a lot of our IT
infrastructure (beyond just HTCondor). At last year's Condor Week
workshop Becky Gietzel demonstrated Ganglia plugins to show all sorts of
HTCondor info, see link [1] below.  We are running several of them in
our Ganglia installation. She said something about posting these to Github.

Finally, re ND's Condor Log Analyzer, you may be interested in the
HTCondor config knob "EVENT_LOG" (see the Manual)- this specifies a file
that receives job user log events, but across all users and user's jobs
on a given schedd. I added a link to Condor Log Analyzer here:
I've been trying to collect on this wiki page an index of add-ons, and
would love to hear about any additional ones.


Hope the above helps,

On 11/30/2012 6:03 AM, Smith, Ian wrote:
I find CondorView absolutely indispensible for monitoring our Condor pool
and would be completely lost without it but it would be nice to have
some more sophisticated monitoring. This was raised at a (UK) Campus
Grids SIG [1] but I'm not sure if it got any further than that. One
nice feature would be to be able to get a plot of the User stats
broken down >per user<. Badput stats would also be very useful.

I also make heavy use of the Condor Log Analyzer from University
of Notre Dame [2] to monitor badput. Since we have a largish (1400 cores)
Windows based pool which can only run vanilla universe jobs this
is obviously a major concern. I automatically aggregate the stats and
and publish them daily [3] which a good way of "encouraging" users to
include their own checkpointing to reduce badput.

I'd be very interested to hear of any other monitoring tools.



[1] http://wikis.nesc.ac.uk/escinet/Campus_Grids
[2] http://condorlog.cse.nd.edu/
[3] http://condor.liv.ac.uk/analysis/

Dr Ian C. Smith,
Advanced Research Computing,
University of Liverpool, UK.

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Hi all,

I would like to monitor condor jobs (history etc) at web. So,
CondorView seems right to be considered. But, I could not find full
information for installation and usages. I am just wondering if
CondorView is widely used to monitor jobs at web; otherwise, there is a
popular way to monitor jobs.

Thank you.


Seo-Young Noh, Ph.D.

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